How it works
A forum is basically structured as follows: 1. there are different forums which are named according to user groups or main topics and for which there are partly different rights of use. The terms "forum" and "forums" are used here in different contexts. The forum designates the entire system and THE forums the individual areas. 2. there can be subforums in different forums. This refers to various special subject areas that are intended to facilitate the allocation and search for articles. 3. there are different topics in the forums. Every authorized user can open a new topic within a forum. This happens automatically when he writes a new post. The topic then bears the title of the first post. Every authorized user can subscribe to a topic. This means that he is automatically informed when another user posts a post. Attention: To avoid being overwhelmed with mails, you won't get any more mails after the first message until you have visited the forum. The subscription can be switched off again at any time. 4. contributions (posts) are created by direct answers of the users. These are listed chronologically by default, so that a chronological structure of all discussion contributions to a topic is created automatically. Up to 10 file attachments can be added to posts. All Office file formats, pdf, images such as jpg, png, gif are permitted.